Part D Processing

As a Medicare program, you face a multitude of challenges and competing priorities every single day. However, at the center of this complexity is the opportunity for your employees to have a lasting and meaningful impact on the lives of your participants.

Your pharmacy management program shouldn’t take time and energy away from your Medicare organization’s activities.

Pharmastar is a pharmacy benefit manager with services designed specifically to ensure your staff spends their time providing care to your participants, not on pharmacy administration.

PDE Processing

With increasing CMS requirements for prescription drug events (PDEs), Pharmastar can help Medicare organizations in the submission and correction of these filings. PDE reports are submitted twice monthly to CMS on our clients' behalf. Clients also receive detailed monthly reports about these submissions along with yearly filing attestation.

Automated TrOOP Balance Transfer Assistance

As Medicare patients move from plan to plan, transitioning their TrOOP balance can be time-consuming for your staff. Pharmastar can assist in these transfers, making TrOOP a seamless and automated process. By using the automated tools Pharmastar offers, clients have the peace of mind that audits recognize, and credits plans for using this approach.

Plan-to-Plan Support

Pharmastar provides comprehensive help to its clients in facilitating plan-to-plan management. To assist in the required coordination of this process, Pharmastar downloads plan to plan files, and provides clients with the full download in addition to a translation of the raw data into a more user-friendly format. Pharmastar will even generate plan to plan invoices for its clients.

Report Assistance

The reporting requirements for Part D are multifaceted. To streamline clients' workflow, Pharmastar is able to create all of CMS' required reports. Pharmastar monitors the varying deadlines and frequencies of these reports and provides your organization with all of the information needed for a successful submission. In addition to this assistance, clients have full access to the raw data sets behind the scenes.